Casa Infantil (Children’s Place)

Logo of Children's Place project. Shows a child-drawn image of a house and children playing.

Casa Infantil (Children’s Place)

works to help prepare children for kindergarten, promote positive parent-child interactions, and increase knowledge of parenting and child development. This is done through classes, family playtime, and parenting education, in a culturally appropriate manner. It is funded by the Early Childhood Equity Fund, of the Early Learning Division.

Transition to Kindergaten

is supported at two separate locations in East Salem, with about 20 children aged 3-5 years of age. Children and their families get familiar with skills, routines, and expectations that will help them be ready for kindergarten. Parental involvement is very important. Activities are free and provided in Spanish.

Parent-Child Interactions

is built around play time to promote positive parent-child interaction. At its most basic, we intend to help promote bonding and create positive memories. Play time may be unstructured or structured, built around cultural celebrations, games, toys, etc. It currently meets once a week at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in NE Salem. In the near future, we plan to launch affinity activity groups (for example, first-time parents, fathers, etc.). This is a parent-child interaction program, so parenting family members are expected to engage in play with their children.

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