Resource Navigation

Mano a Mano’s Resource Navigators help the families we serve to have access to concrete supports, especially in a crisis.  They also,

Help clients understand and navigate community resources,

Help clients understand their basic rights and responsibilities as members of our community,

Promote informed decision making and accountability,

Assist in removing barriers to stable housing and employment,

Strive to provide a direct referral for clients with our established partners, whenever possible.

Our intent is, in addition to helping increase or improve access to basic and emergency resources, that this support helps the people we serve be more resilient in the face of the multiple stressors they face. Please visit any of our locations for consultation and direct support. Basic information (phone number, address, service hours) about community resources can be provided via telephone (503.315.2290 or 503.363.1895), or via e-mail and direct messaging on Facebook, if that is more convenient for you.  Please do not send any private or confidential information via e-mail or social media.
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