Mano a Mano Family Center works to help reduce toxic stress, and promote Hope (resilience), to help the people we serve remain strong.

We were established in 1988.

We are the oldest Latino and Immigrant-led community-based organization in Salem-Keizer, Oregon.

We Reach 2,000+ families, annually, who live in Marion, Polk, and six other Oregon counties. Our leadership and staff are from the same communities we serve. They have personal experience with poverty, discrimination, immigration, to help understand the people we serve.

We Connect people to help in times of need. We also help develop healthy social connections. We support parenting adults to increase their knowledge of parenting and child development. We provide supports that help the positive development of children and youth.

We Work to improve the social determinants of health, and to address the adverse community experiences, that impact the health and wellbeing of the community. This requires supporting Equity and Social Justice in areas such as education, health, housing and justice.

Denis Llamas

Charla con Denis Llamas, Headstart

Platicamos con Denis Llamas, del programa Head Start, el cual ofrece una variedad de apoyos para estudiantes y familias en el camino hacia el éxito. Conoce con nosotros los requisitos para usar este servicio gratuito.

Thumbnail picture of Dr Andrea Lara

Charla con Dra. Andrea Lara, MPH

Charla con Dra. Andrea Lara, MPH, Asesora Adjunta de Salud de OHA. Nos comparte tips de salud para protejernos de la Covid-19.

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