Mano a Mano has been based in East Salem since our establishment in 1988.  The majority of our clients live in the greater Salem and Keizer Metro Area, but all of our clients live within Marion or Polk Counties.  Approximately 2,000 families each year will benefit from one or more of the supports available to them through Mano a Mano.

The majority of our clients identify themselves as women, or low income, or Latino, or immigrant, or bilingual and bi-cultural.

Most of our clients come from neighborhoods in East Salem with larger than average populations of immigrants, Latinos or other people of color; with higher than average poverty rates; and with a higher than average number of social challenges such as low academic performance, teen pregnancy, etc.

Although this snapshot represents most of our clients, ALL people are welcome. We continuously strive to be humble and effective servants to all those who come to us.