3Mano a Mano places great importance in supporting women to become self-sufficient and empowered.  While traditional positions of power have been historically held by men, women have always been at the center of family and, thus, society.  Investing in the success of women is good for families and society.

We are currently developing programs that specifically address the needs of women in Marion and Polk Counties.  Our current and future programs include:

  • Parent cafes, peer-led community groups
  • Resource Navigation Program
    • Most of our Resource Navigators are women
  • Application assistance with divorce application packet
  • Free consultations with local attorneys
  • Health Promotion for migrant women (in Spanish) – coming soon!
  • Sexual Health education classes for migrant women (in Spanish) – coming soon!
  • Men’s Cafe, peer-led group – coming soon! 
    • Engage men in increasing their knowledge of parenting, child/youth development and in developing equity in family and social roles