Mano a Mano is a center for Families because we believe that a healthy family is the foundation for a healthy community.

We also believe that the client should get to define what a family is for them.  Some of the families we serve are traditional families, and others are single person households, single parent, LGBTQ families, large and extended families, families with older siblings or grandparents as heads of household; multicultural and multiethnic families.

They are all welcome at Mano a Mano.

Our core services for families include:

  • Emergency Food Boxes (in partnership with Marion-Polk Food Share)
  • Resource Navigation Program
  • Crisis Assistance (through our Resource Navigation program)
  • Neighborhood resource centers
  • Strengthening Families Program, for Parents with youth 10-14 yrs old
  • Parent Cafe peer-led groups (in partnership with Fostering Hope Initiative)
  • Community forums to increase knowledge of parenting and child/youth development
  • Application assistance (for a fee) with Divorce application packet (when couples have decided this is the best option)
  • Consultation with Family Law Attorney (in partnership with local attorneys)
  • Coming Soon:  Health Promotion workshops and courses