Below is a list of our current staff, sorted alphabetically by their work site.

To e-mail one of our staff simply remove the spaces in the email addresses listed below their name and title.



Colonia Libertad – SE Salem

Connie Ramirez,

Intake Specialist
connie @

Maria Reyes-Jaramillo, CHW

FWP Director
maria @

Levi Herrera-Lopez,

Executive Director
levi @

La Casita (Lansing Neighborhood – NE Salem)

Maria Lemus, CHW

Community Health Worker
malemus @

Independence, Oregon

Paola Ramirez, CHW
Community Health Worker
paola @

Northgate Center

Alex Buron,

Youth Promotor
alex @

Cindy Rico,

Youth Promotor
cindy @

Deisy Flores,

Outreach Worker
deisy @

Edgar Bustamante,

Resource Navigator
edgar @

Elisa Andrade,

Resource Navigator
elisa @

Gabriela Rubio,

YEP Coordinator
gabriela @

Sandra Hernandez-Lomeli,

Youth Programs Director
sandra @