We work to increase access to education and health care in the community; and to identify and provide opportunities for the people we serve to gain knowledge and skills for self-sufficiency.

We are the fiscal sponsor for the L.U.S. Youth Organization, originally a program of Mano a Mano.

We are also the fiscal sponsor for a Supervised Visitation scholarship, in support of parenting individuals engaged with Marion County Family Court.

Our activities are meant to impact the four issue areas below and organized under two programs — The Family Wellness Program and the Youth Empowerment Program:

Basic Needs

Addressing the quality and level of the individual’s or family’s access to health, food, shelter and safety.  We do this directly through two community food banks and a resource referral service.


Not only working toward financial stability, but also the pursuit of one’s growth as a person (self-actualization) and as a member of a community.

Direct services include helping our clients access and navigate existing community resources; providing evidence-based and culturally-responsive parenting education; promoting positive social connections through community cafes; and providing mentoring and case management for youth in our community.

This effort also includes our participation in The Fostering Hope Initiative (FHI) and in the BRAVE Project.

Community Health & Safety

A person’s physical, mental or spiritual well being is impacted not only by their own behaviors and choices, but as much (and some would argue) or even more by their physical and social environment.  Our work in this area includes promoting healthy behaviors, but also seeking to address social determinants of health such as the social inclusion (or exclusion), social isolation, local norms or policies that impact people’s health or safety.

This work is led by our certified Community Health Workers (CHWs) who help our clients access health resources, navigate local systems, and promote knowledge of health, healthy behaviors, and self-sufficiency.

Emergent Community Issues

We strive to be responsive to the lived experiences and real needs of the people we serve.  This means that there may be times when issues come up that have a uniquely negative impact on the health, safety or general well being of all or large segments of the community.

This might include responding to a large scale economic crisis, raising awareness about preventing and addressing a health crisis or natural disaster, responding to violence or racist acts in our community, or helping address the emergency needs of vulnerable segments of our community.

Our direct work in this area may include serving as a first responder (or supporting rapid response efforts) to a community crisis, engaging in advocacy to decision makers on behalf of our families, or supporting the engagement of our families with decision makers (in order to address norms or policies that impact their health, safety or well being).

Additional Supports

LUS Youth Organization (LUS)

LUS grew out of youth leadership programs started by Mano a Mano in the early 1990s, and eventually became the first youth-led community based organization for Latino or Immigrant youth in Marion County. It’s purpose is to engage youth in the community via youth-led service learning opportunities that build essential life skills, and which help to address racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc., and promote equity and justice.

Document Assistance Service

Mano a Mano provides assistance translating or preparing documents for filing to our clients for a nominal fee. Please, note that clients are never charged for assistance with enrollment to public assistance programs such as TANF, OHP, SSI, etc., or other documentation that might be essential as part of ongoing case management.

This includes notarizing personal documents, translating various personal documents from or to English, and preparing divorce, child custody, or child support documents for filing.

We do not offer any legal advice, simply filling out the necessary paperwork. If legal advice is needed, we are able to provide referrals.

Supervised Visitation Scholarship

Mano a Mano hosts a scholarship for parenting individuals requiring supervised visitation as part of their parenting plan.  The scholarship typically covers a portion of the cost of each mandated session (up to 50%), and the rest is paid by the parenting individual.

Please note that we do not provide supervised visitation, merely manage the scholarship to help pay for a portion of the costs.  Marion County Family Court may be able to provide a directory of trusted providers in our area.

Clients are typically referred by Marion County Family Court.

Contact us if you would like to request assistance from this scholarship fund.