Mano a Mano is one of the oldest Latino or Immigrant-led community based organizations in Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for our clients to gain knowledge and skills for self-sufficiency; and to increase access to education and health care.

We see ourselves not as service providers, but as being in service to the community.

Our vision is for our region to be a community of justice where families are strong, safe, and nurturing, and where children thrive.

We believe in (and, thus, value),

A thriving community,

A community thrives when everyone is healthy, resilient, and actively contribute to making their community a healthier place in which to live


ALL families, whether a family of one, a nuclear family, an extended family, an LGBT+ family, or a family of choice; a strong family is the foundation of a thriving community

The culture and experience of each person.

Each person’s individual culture and experience is valuable, and must be at the core of any initiative. This value is expressed via respect of their human dignity, and of the skills and challenges they bring with them. A resilient and hopeful person is the foundation of a strong family.