Mano a Mano employs a vibrant team, who represents the people we serve.  The issues we address have deep personal impact in their, and their family’s, lives.

An ideal team member is someone who:

  • Wants to ensure every child in our area has the opportunity to be safe, healthy and thrive;
  • Has a strong commitment to Equity and supports our organizational Values;
  • Has deep knowledge of the community we serve, including their strengths and the challenges they face;
  • Possesses professional skills and knowledge to help Mano a Mano remain trustworthy servants of the People;

If you’d like to inquire about working with Mano a Mano, please contact us at our main numbers or email your resume to info @ manoamanofc .org (no spaces)


For assistance with a crisis, or learning about community resources, or for general questions –

  • Contact us by phone (503.315.2290 or 503.363.1895) or by email (

To learn more about our Resource Navigation Program and other basic programs, contact:

  • Maria Jaramillo – 503.315.2290 or maria @ manoamanofc .org (no spaces)
  • Maria Lemus – 503.363.1895 or lemus @ manoamanofc .org (no spaces)
  • Edgar Bustamante – 503.363.1895 or edgar @ manoamanofc .org (no spaces)

For information about our Youth programs, contact:

  • Belinda Ochoa – 503.363.1895 or belinda @ manoamanofc .org (no spaces)

To reach our administration, contact:

  • Levi Herrera-Lopez – 503.315.2290 or levi @ manoamanofc .org (no spaces)