Support ALL families to be safe and healthy...
...So ALL youth have the opportunity to thrive...
...So we can all thrive in safe and healthy COMMUNITIES.

Extending a helping hand to the community, since 1988

Helping people to become self-sufficient and empowered

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El Centro Familiar Mano a Mano es la organización latina de mayor antigüedad en el área metropolitana de Salem y Keizer, Oregon. Establecidos en 1988, nuestra misión es apoyar al desarrollo integral de las personas y familias que acuden a nosotros buscando apoyo.

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Mano a Mano's paid employees and volunteers have personal experience with poverty, immigration, discrimination, toxic stress, etc. We are driven to help others because we know, first hand, the challenges our clients face daily. We are not service providers. We are servants of the People.

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Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is that all of our clients can be self-sufficient and empowered. To us, this means that they should feel in control of their own life; and, also, that they can take action on what is important to them, their family, and their community. Every person should have stable employment (with a living wage); every child should graduate high school and post-secondary (including trade/vocational school); and every person should have the opportunity to live in safe, healthy and nurturing families and communities. Our programs are intended to help remove any barriers that may get in the way of our clients reaching these goals.

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Our Key Partners

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